Duration: 5-6 hours – Start Time – 9 am – Level – Easy.

Our professional hiking guide will meet guest/s in Al Hamra and are driven to the eastern pass from where we start the Mountain Hiking Tour. The pass lies at an altitude of 2000m, and the hiking route here is fairly diverse, with the path shifting suddenly from wide roads to narrow walking paths. However, the view remains throughout, with the fantastic visions of the mountain peaks that tower over their surroundings as the Jebel Shams can be seen rising in the backdrop.

The path is fairly easy, however, it can be difficult at times and is not ideal for those who you are averse to heights as if you peer over the edge of the path at some spots you will find yourself looking straight down in the valley below the base of which lies almost a kilometer down.

We will break for lunch at a picnic clearing right by the mountain path after which we will start our descent downhill at a leisurely pace.

Duration: 4 hours – Start Time – 9 am – Level – Intermediate

The Village Hiking Tour at Jebel Akhdhar is perfect for those interested in a slightly challenging hike through the Omani mountainside. The tour is created for those individuals who are looking a rigorous and physically challenging hike through the mountains with the occasional steep trail that narrows down for to a thin path catering to the adventurous souls amongst us. Ideal for those fit folks who are looking to club their exploration of nature and the villages at this mountain range with some physical activity, the Village Hike through JabalAkhdar is an enjoyable tour for all to try. Though referred to in English as the slightly misleading Green Mountain, Jebel Akhdar is not a mountain as such, but rather to an area that encompasses the great Saiq Plateau across which we offer many varied tours including this one.

The group is picked up from Birkat Al Mouz and driven up to SaihQatenah, a plateau which is set at an altitude of more than 2000m above sea level. We will traverse through numerous mountain villages as we trek uphill to the summit where we will take a break for lunch before starting our descent.

Exploring the villages that fall on our path is a great way to expand our understanding of the traditional lives of the villagers and the history of Oman. The village visits help us learn not just about their lifestyles but also offer an opportunity to admire the ancient architecture and varied materials and styles used in the construction of the structures here.

At one point in our village hiking trail, we will come across a natural spring which meanders down the slope giving rise to a small haven of greenery and the chattering of tiny animal lives along the way. From here we continue uphill towards the summit area, which is a flat expanse offering a 360-degree view of the surrounding hills and landscapes. We take a break for lunch here surrounded by the calm breeze and fantastic views of the surrounding areas.

Post lunch we start the hike down the Jebel Akhdhar. There is no set path or trail that we follow on the descent but it’s a pleasant hike downhill that leads us through another green Wadi where we can take a break to admire the beauty of nature before heading to the endpoint of the tour. A driver will receive us there and drive us to the final drop-off point.

Duration: 5 -6 hours – Start Time – 9 am – Level – Intermediate

Start Location – The View Camp

The Mountain Oasis Hiking Tour takes us on a narrow hiking trail through the foothills in Al Hamra to visit the mountain village of Misfat Al Abriyyin, down to the old town of Al Hamra and then back to The View, where we started the tour from.

This hiking tour is recommended for those with some hiking experience or very surefooted people as the trail is fairly narrow in some spots and can be intimidating for inexperienced hikers. We start the tour by hiking through the mountain paths that lead from The View to small rock canyons where you will be awed by the grandeur of nature. From the canyons, we proceed to the 400-year-old village of Misfat Al Abriyyin, which is set right by a mountain oasis.

This little spot of green with tiny houses rising up the rock face and tall trees swaying along with the wind is a sight to soothe the soul. Lying at an altitude of almost thousand meters above sea level, you are guaranteed some truly spectacular views on reaching there. Do step onto the viewing platform built to get a look at the entire valley and the surrounding mountains.

Afterward walk through the crumbling houses and the step-plantations that are watered by the traditional Falaj irrigation system, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Later stroll through the date plantations of the valley or explore the village. You can also choose to have lunch here in the village.

We are then driven down to the old town of Al Hamra where we will visit the lesser-known Bait Al Safah museum, a ‘living history’ museum where you get a glimpse into history and the way the locals lived many-many year back and the traditions they followed. A visit to this restored mud-brick building is a fantastic way to understand the culture and history of Oman.

At the end, the driver will pick you up from Al Hamra and bring you back to The View Oman, the endpoint of the Mountain Oasis Hiking Tour.

Price per guest:

The group will meet the tour leader at Al Hamra Shopping Street, from where we’ll begin the Panorama Bike Tour. First, we’ll ride towards Misfat Al Abriyeen, one of the oldest villages in Al Hamra, which lies at an altitude of almost a thousand meters above sea level. The roads are well maintained but it’s a steep ride on the 5km of track we cover till the village. On reaching, we’ll leave our bikes in the parking area of the village and walk around the old mud houses and farms, exploring one of the most beautiful villages in North Oman. You also get an opportunity to see the traditional Falaj irrigation system and local kids jumping into the small pond of natural water. After exploring the village and its surroundings we’ll ride towards Al Hamra. Old Al Hamra is the perfect place to gain an understanding of ancient Oman, its people, and their lifestyle. We’ll also visit an ancient house, which is considered a site of great archaeological importance and has been converted into a museum. Afterward, we’ll ride through the date farms before finishing this wonderful tour.

Meeting Location: Al Hamra (Bank of Muscat) + Duration – 3-4 Hours + Level – Intermediate.

Meet the tour leader outside Bank Muscat, Al Hamra, where the bike tour to Bahla and Jabreen starts from. We’ll start off at an easy pace as we begin cycling towards Bahla. The path is even and we’ll traverse through smooth roads and some off-road paths. After reaching Bahla, we proceed through the labyrinths of narrow roads in the city to visit the Bahla Fort and the pottery souk (marketplace). The Bahla Fort and surrounding settlement is a UNESCO world heritage site which showcases the heritage and history of Oman. Then we’ll continue towards Jibreen Castle. This beautiful castle was built in the 17th century and has been restored to highlight the stunning architecture and decor of the time. This tour ends at Jabreen Castle and the transportation can be arranged to the hotel or the starting point.

Payment Policy

50% payment upon the confirmation.

50% payment 15 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled 21 days prior to the arrival, no cancellation charges apply.

If cancelled less than 21 days 100% of the total invoice will be applied as cancellation charge.